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Model Cars made by Minichamps

About Minichamps
Minichamps manufacture and produce quality diecast models. Their philosophy is that quality always comes first and this is clearly evident in the attention paid to the detail of their models.

Minichamps History

1990Creation of the first Minichamps diecast model in scale 1/43: Audi V8, driver Hans-Joachim Stuck, German Touring Car Champion 1990.

1991 The product range expanded to include high-quality replicas in scale 1/24 as well as classic and modern road cars. Creation of the first classic car replica in scale 1/43: Karmann Ghia 1955

1992 The excellent quality of the diecast models attracts the attention of the car manufacturers. As a consequence the first orders by the automobile industry are placed. Creation of the first formula one replica in scale 1/43: Benetton B 192, driver Michael Schumacher, winner of the Belgian GP.

1993 The success of Michael Schumacher sharply boosts public interest in formula one racing in Germany. The formula one field in scale 1/43 is introduced into the product range. Creation of the first formula one replicas in scale 1/18 including Benetton, Williams and Ferrari.

1994 Product line includes replicas in all major collector's scales. Particular focus on the development of road cars and racing cars in 1/18th scale. Creation of the first road car in scale 1/18: BMW 3 series Saloon 1993.

1995 Accessories such as helmets, key rings and figurines join the model cars. Creation of the first Formula-One driver helmets in scale 1/8: Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Damon Hill.

1996 Upon request of the BMW Company Minichamps enters new territory in developing motor bike models. Photo-etched brake discs and wheel spokes are characteristic quality features of the replicas from the beginning. BMW honours the high quality standard by its decision to have motor bike models developed and manufactured exclusively by Minichamps. Creation of the first motor bike replica in scale 1/24: BMW R 1100.

1997 Creation of the first replica in scale 1/12: McLaren Honda MP4/4 Ayrton Senna 1988.

1998 Mercedes-Benz entrusts Minichamps with the development of a truck replica in scale 1/43. This spurs the development of an extensive range of very detailed truck replicas in the following years, also including race trucks. - Creation of the first truck replica in scale 1/43: Mercedes-Benz Atego.

1999 By the development of the first classic car in scale 1/18 a further market niche is occupied. Cars of German production constitute the main area of the product range. Creation of the first old-timer replica in scale 1/18th: Porsche 904 GTS 1964.

2000 At the international toy fair in Nuremberg the first military vehicle in scale 1/35th developed by Minichamps is presented. A further première is taking place with the presentation of the first racing motorbike made by Minichamps, a model that stuns with its unequalled level of detail. Creation of the first motor bike replica in scale 1/12th: Ducati 996. The first classical truck in scale 1/43 is produced: The Mercedes L 3500.

2001At the International Toy Fair Nuremberg Minichamps presents over 200 new models - likely the most attractive programme in diecast business for the year 2001. Further enlargement of the product range of classic cars and military vehicles; introduction of Magirus Deutz S 6500 fire engine with extractable aerial ladder. The great success of the Ducati model lead to co-operation with other producers of motorbikes, such as Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.

2002First model of a racing car with sound chip (Porsche 917 / 20 "Pink Pig"). "Model of the year" Award for Setra S8 coach and second place for Magirus fire engine. Formula One Pit Stop Crews of several teams; a 1/12 scale model of the Triumph Bonneville 650 T120 equipped with individually plugged spokes. Introduction of the James Bond collection in scale 1/43 and racing helmets in scale 1/2.

2003 First 1/18 scale replica of a classic truck worldwide: Mercedes Benz L 6600 with functional doors, bonnet, steering, trailer coupling, flatbed loading planes and suspension. Its seats are lined with genuine leather. The model is half a meter long and has a weight of 2.5 kg.

2004 First resin models in scale 1/43 are produced, first tractor models (scale 1/18) and the first classic racing bike in scale 1/12 are built.

2005 The Honda CB 750 is the first classic bike built in scale 1:6 to enter into the Minichamps programme.

2006Minichamps wins the top awards in the reader’s choice of the magazine “Modellfahrzeug” with the Mercedes 300 SEL 6.8 AMG in scale 1:43 and 1:18. The first place is achieved in the category “best model car in scale 1:43 and 1:18” and additionally the model is awarded the “model of the year prize in scale 1:18”. This is the first time in the fifteen year history of this model car magazine that a diecast model has won three awards at once.
Minichamps diecast model cars
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