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Mini Model Shop Discount Club

The Mini Model Shop Discount Club is designed with the collector in mind, whether cars, bikes, aircraft, RC, commercials or film collectibles, anybody can join. This club is completely free and offers the repeat purchaser discounts on their future orders. This is how it works:

When we post your order we create a discount voucher equivalent to 5% of your order value. Next time you buy something from us your discount voucher is redeemed against that order automatically, and a new discount voucher is then created when we post your model. Your vouchers remain valid for 3 months from your last purchase date, so if you do not place an order for 3 months then your discount vouchers will expire!

When you place your next order you will see that the first two fields are email address and postcode. If you have ordered from us before and opted to join our Discount Club then complete these fields and click to retrieve your billing details and to redeem your discount voucher (be sure to enter your delivery details as we do not retrieve these). There will be a short delay while the system retrieves the information and updates your order form. That's it! We don't think we can make it any simpler (but your suggestions are always welcome)!

Discount Club Conditions

By joining the Discount Club you are agreeing to these conditions.
Your details will be included on our email list. These details will NOT be passed on to third parties.
You may request to leave the Discount Club at any time, but all vouchers will be removed from the system permanently.
Discount vouchers expire if you do not place a successful order for three months.
Discount vouchers are calculated when we ship your order and will take 1 working day to become available on the website.
Discount vouchers are calculated as 5% of your order value (minus any vouchers redeemed on that order).
Discount vouchers may only be redeemed by entering your registered email address and postcode.
Discount vouchers are incremental and there is no limit to the number of vouchers you may build up.
These conditions may be altered by Effective Web Solutions Limited without notice.
The Discount Club may be discontinued at any time without notice.
The order value is based on the amount you paid excluding the postage and packing. Example: your order came to 23.59 of which 3.60 was postage, therefore your order value was 19.99. We then create a discount voucher for you of 1 (5% of 19.99).